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Be Cool: Freeze Your Budget


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Early and Late Spending

Early and Late Spending As we’ve shown in our earlier blog posts, campaign budgeting is uniquely difficult. To accurately gauge where you stand and where you’re going requires reconciling the budget no matter when those expenses take place. Let’s take a deeper look at reconciling for early and late spending in the scenarios below. Early […]


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Introducing Spend Down (in Warchest!)

Spend Down In 2017 we launched Warchest and reinvented how progressive campaigns budget to win. Since then, we’ve seen hundreds of campaigns ditch their error-filled spreadsheets and win with Warchest. Today we are excited to announce the next innovation in campaign budgeting: Spend Down. Up until now, many campaigns transition to clunky spreadsheets in the […]


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Under and Overspending

Under and Overspending When you first set up your campaign budget, you’re likely going to have a lot of placeholder numbers for expenses. We like to say in budgeting that “zero is the most inaccurate number,” so something is always better than nothing when creating your budget. However, once you start spending money, your actual […]


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Why Reconcile Your Campaign Budget?

Why Reconcile? No matter how diligent of a budgeter you are, accurately predicting what you are going to spend will be a very difficult task. This is why one of the core best practices of campaign budgeting is to regularly reconcile your budget. What does that mean? Reconciling is the act of analyzing and then […]


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Importance of Political Campaign Budgeting

Campaign Budgeting As a campaign operative, you may know the state of your race through polling numbers, fundraising numbers, or how many doors you’ve knocked. But when was the last time you checked the budget? If your campaign isn’t using Warchest, the answer is likely “a long time ago” (and if you’re the Trump campaign, […]