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We’re proud to work with nonprofits to make their budgeting process easier so they can focus on the future.

Warchest’s budgeting system isn’t just for campaigns, nonprofits can use Warchest too! Warchest allows real-time cash on hand calculations, quick budget reconciliation, bulk uploading of financial data, forecasting capabilities, and much more.

Quick Analysis

The Dashboard provides a succinct summary of the entire budget, allowing you to analyze your organization’s finances within seconds.

Precision meets Accuracy

Warchest’s innovative reconciliation tools allow you not only to craft granular, precise projections, but allow you to match projections with actual data too.

Easy Collaboration

See which changes have been made and who made them. And add your full team to the budget - no need to send spreadsheets back and forth.


Your data is encrypted and hosted on US servers and we require all accounts to use multi-factor authentication. You and your data are secure with Warchest!