Professional Services

Budget Onboarding

New to Warchest and need help getting your budget into the app quickly? Warchest’s onboarding service will pair you with a Warchest expert who will:

  • Schedule a one-on-one call with you to go over your current process and get access to your existing budget and other relevant information or documents.
  • Onboard your existing budget into Warchest:
    • Create a Warchest budget with custom departments and line items 
    • Add projections and actuals
    • Determine whether you should have the Finance Plan feature turned on or off
  • Schedule a follow up call to walk you through the onboarded Warchest budget and answer any questions you may have related to:
    • Maintaining the budget
    • Adding projections and uploading actuals
    • Reconciling
  • Price: one time fee of $500