Professional Services

Introducing Warchest Budget Consulting

We’re heading into the final critical months of the campaign when you must move fast and make important decisions. An accurate and up to date budget is necessary to make these decisions; without one, you’re hampering your chance of victory.

If you need to get your budget into shape for spend down, Warchest can help with a new personalized direct service. From getting your budget structure into shape to weekly cashflow calls, we’re here to help you budget to win. 

Warchest’s Budget Consultant (see below for bio) can provide:

  • Initial call: A one-on-one assessment call to:
    • Deep dive into your budget and cashflow with you
    • Help organize and clean up your budget, and
    • Walk you through best budget practices and processes going forward
    • Price: one time fee of $250 for assessment call
  • Follow-up services: If you want more support during the final weeks of the campaign, the budget expert can prepare a customized budget strategy depending on your campaign’s needs, which may include:
    • Further help organizing  your budget with recommendations on maintaining your budget moving forward so you’re ready for the critical window of budget.
    • Provide structure for how internal cashflow calls should go with  your team
    • Work directly with the you or your staff to evaluate weekly vs. daily projections and how that impacts the overall spend down
    • Solve cashflow problems, keeping your campaign out of the red with the budget and projections provided
    • Review spending plan and give recommendations on where to add or where to cut based on what the campaign can afford
    • Monthly or weekly check in calls to continue to help keep your budget on track
    • Price: Pricing depends on the complexity of the issues discovered and support desired. A custom quote will be provided prior to any work.